Welcome to RFM’s M2M and WSN website. This site is dedicated to the RFM2M family of wireless platform products and solutions offered by RFM. RFM’s 30+ years of RF experience have been harnessed in wireless M2M and wireless sensor network solutions that are designed to be easily and simply deployed by those without RF experience. RFM has taken a modular, building block approach that gives you exactly what you need, and only what you need, to deliver your end-to-end M2M solution.

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What is a Wireless Sensor Network Platform?

An end-to-end M2M or Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) solution comprises the following elements:

One or more sensors, actuators, or other input and output devices;
A means of collecting the inputs and distributing the outputs as well as connecting them with the application.
An application that interprets, presents, and takes action on the inputs and outputs

Get the Data You Need

RFM2M wireless platforms provide the means of getting the data your application needs to your application. Today, these applications are often residing in the cloud making their output available to anyone with Internet access. RFM’s platforms are optimized to support this configuration but also efficiently deliver data to applications residing on local servers. Where a middle-ware component is required, RFM has partners that offer a variety of products. Alternatively, RFM can customize the platform data format to meet your requirements.

Customize Your Data Platform

RFM’s platforms consist of battery-powered and mains-powered wireless data acquisition units and serial, Ethernet, and cellular gateways. Making use of RFM’s wide selection of wireless technologies, RFM can deliver the best wireless solution depending on the needs of your application. If you already have an end device and just need wireless connectivity, RFM can assist you integrating a pre-certified RF module into your device. You can still take advantage of our gateways to get your data to the Internet.

RFM2M Family of Products

A brief sampling of the combinations of sensors and wireless technologies covered by the RFM2M family of products is shown in the table below.

LAN RF Technologies Frequency Bands Sensor/Input Types Gateway Interfaces Protocols
WiFi (802.11b/g/n) 900MHz RTD Ethernet XML
ZigBee PRO 2.4GHz Thermistor RS-232 Serial HTTP
WirelessHART Humidity Cellular – GSM Simple DB
802.15.4 Pressure Proprietary
FHSS Current
Pulse Count

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